Monday, 28 November 2016

The Cruel Adventuress Returns (Somewhat Briefly)

It is true, all of you sluts, slaves, subs and low down fetishists - Mistress Sadie Of London returns to Mistressing for one month only and to either your making or your detriment.

Note that I no longer have a website so will be using this blog to convey all that is happening.

Sessioning from a central London location I expect to hear from novices to old hands - first timers to last timers. My hand and mind at the ready email me now on

Cruel love,
Mistress Sadie Of London

Monday, 31 August 2015

The Last Post

What do I say? Usually I've not much to say but what I do say always depends on my mood - for example, last year (or was it the year before?) there was a cherry shortage - the prices rose terribly and when Waitrose ran out I found even the independent grocers had run out too - I was dismayed and at that point I had quite a bit to say. Another example of having a lot, or at least something, to say was in the event of queue jumping - I shall not at this point divulge more on this particular subject. The last example of having something to say was in session, NO! as Sadie - Ms Sadie Of London to be exact - as it goes. Something to say to men - oh yes! by jove! you know who you are - you lowly ones: by Goddess I; had, had had, have had, have, do and always will have something to say to the male species; something that the ordinary woman may not or may only dream of saying. Om that plane - of course not all men can have something said to them in this way - these prototypes I class as one of the following - untrained, unruly, unwanted or wankers. The latter term could have been "cunt" however I have decided that the term "cunt" is too good for wankers. At this point, during my outburst of profanity, I should like to point out (I may have in previous posts) that I am not middle class and never was but that I truly came from the underclass bypassing middleclass to my rightful place within the upper class - albeit of the bohemian sort. Here I will add a picture as a short interlude.

Picture 1. I hate Burkas but I love volleyball - less burkas and more volleyball in Hyde Park I say! And no I am not a spy or an arab. Truth be told I am of black and white heritage; Caribbean and English; I am firstly always English though by heritage and nationality and I am certainly NOT exotic despite my love of communistic sports.

On moving to London some 9 years ago I became fascinated with the Mistress scene and found my true calling - then of course it (the scene) was far more underground and I quickly found that my way was to take on long term projects - despite this I launched myself as a Pro Mistress as I wanted to not only take part but be part of the great movement before me - a sanctuary let us say, for more the alpha female; not lesbian, not a man hater but a female who was born to compete with men and be pleased and comfortable in the winning.

Picture 2. Some of my accomplishments so far.

Over the years I have sessioned, yes, once moved in with a captive for almost two months, and suchlike but as aforementioned I was made for long term projects - it was where I was able to exercise my (seemingly) faults as a being, at their best: my lack of empathy, my ability to perform, to create façades, mimic and lie with ease, my expression of that innate aggression and an ability to laugh at others' attempts at it when called for; not forgetting my penchant for thrills which would in turn thrill others. I could talk here about them but Ive neither the time or the inclination. Picture 3. below illustrates my inclination and possibly the cherry shortage of 2008 - thank you Sardax!

I named them though - those long term projects and once I had them I used them as one may say - just as they used me in some ways. Each had their own distinct qualities but all had to have some chemistry - the rare male submissive gene, no! genome is a better term - for conditioning and outside influence must play a part sometime somewhere and one must be hopeful that one day the world, well the West at least, will see the right order - that of Female rule.

All these years though I was alone. I was impossible to live with as deemed by myself and those who knew me - and I was happy alone until I realised I may like someone by my side for once in my life - I think it came to me after binge watching Spartacus seasons 1 - 3. My one long termer had proposed over the years but when I riposted he just couldn't do it - because? Well at least he felt bad and so therefore paid for it - the other - B was attached - I was not interested in disrupting his other life and he was as the former was - a safe sort with wild but unrealisable dreams. So I met a German (he drinking a beer in his working mans clothes) in a spätkauf last October - a spätkauf  is the equivalent of a corner shop for those of you who do not know - and it was there - not in TG or on or in Raffles or Slimelight, that dreadful Sugardaddie site or my kickboxing class or indeed through Sadie; that she indeed met her demise.

So, disappointingly my last post just as all my other posts has remained rather tame but at least true; considering all the filth I could have written about.

Lastly, I hope the Mistress scene remains forever a sincere one; I hope those spangly "model" types and the such leave off the latex  (for would they ever know a crop from a crap?) and let the oddballs and old gals' do what is needed and always correct.

And really lastly I should just like to mention all the Mistresses I've known, met or spoken to over the years - always noble and gracious - Mistress Demonic RIP, Princess Spider, Madame Caramel, Mistress Absolute, Miss Davenshaw, Luna, Mistress Alexandra, Mistress Octavia and a special thank you to Lady Seductress; and all those Ive admired from afar whilst cruising the web.

Long live Femdomme!

Cruel Love,
The Former, Mistress Sadie Of London

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Mistress Sadie's Last Ever Week

Slaves, sluts, subs and sissies

As you may or may not know this coming week will be my final one as I will be hanging up my wicked implements for the last time as Mistress Sadie Of London; henceforth this very announcement.

I will be at the ready within my chambers and I am hoping that this, my ultimate week, will be a memorable one.

Bookings will be taken for not only sessions but combined dinner and sessions and also domination via Skype.

So if you are free, able and wish to get your BDSM and /or fetish groove on, then do not hesitate to reply - then, leave any trace of alpha at my door and see out your darkest desires with yours cruelly.

Don't be scared now,

Mistress Sadie Of London

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Exiting The Chambers -The Finale Of Mistress Sadie's Adventures...

An elaborate title one must agree?! But then I am hoping for an elaborate ending.
As from August 31st Mistress Sadie Of London will indeed cease to exist. I will still be sessioning up until this date so if you've ever wanted a D/s fling with your's truly then now is the time - or at least before THE END. Cruel Love Ms Sadie xxx

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mistress Sadie's New Demo Video

After three false starts my webslave is in grave trouble. At last, however, he seems to have got it correct. So click on the below link and scroll to the bottom of the page for a viewing, why dont you?! Cruel Love Ms Sadie Xxx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

24/7 Taster Sessions or Travelling Abroad With Ms Sadie Of London

I am now offering 24/7 taster sessions - overnight 24 hour Ms/s sleepovers - note you will not share my bed...and further;
Travelling with Ms is all possible - whether you need me to accompany you on a business trip or need me to be your Mistress for a week long holiday then this can realised. Tributes at reasonable/long term rates are quoted by the day or week. Email me now should you both be able and interested. Cruel Love Ms Sadie Of London xxx

Monday, 4 May 2015

Post Session Praise

As I do not agree that Mistresses should ever be "reviewed" I am all for putting about a bit of post session praise now and then. Following a three hour scripted glove and med session this very Saturday, the following words were sent by the subject - a submissive glove fetishist at that: "I just thought I'd say a proper thank you to you because I was in a bit of a daze when I left you (due to how amazing the experience was!!!). You were absolutely brilliant and really played out my fantasy and all the details exactly how I wanted. I can't thank you enough - it was one of the best experiences of my life! You are also absolutely stunning in person, your photos don't do you justice! Much better than XXXXXX XXXX haha... I hope it wasn't too weird for you haha, I know my obsession is a bit odd! Anyway, thanks again and I hope we can do another session some time. Hope you like your new glove collection too... you can never have too many in my view... Maybe next time I can get you some leather boots or something. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday! Simon"